28 Nov-1 Dec 2022 Paris (France)
FAIRsharing Community Curation: Mapping the Social Sciences Resource Landscape
Allyson Lister  1@  , Susanna-Assunta Sansone  1  
1 : Oxford e-Research Centre [Oxford]

FAIRsharing is an informative and educational resource on interlinked standards, databases and policies, three key elements of the FAIR ecosystem. FAIRsharing is adopted by funders, publishers and communities across all research disciplines. It promotes the existence and value of these resources to aid data discovery, interoperability and sharing across all of our stakeholder groups. Enabling FAIR data is a key role within FAIRsharing, and we work with a variety of stakeholders (funders, researchers, research support such as librarians and data stewards, publishers, and resource developers) throughout the data management lifecycle to achieve this goal. 


Here we will discuss how FAIRsharing can be searched and updated by our user community, and how the social sciences in particular can make the best use out of it as part of a broader data management infrastructure. We also will discuss the benefits of both in-house curation and community-driven curation provided by our stakeholder groups. Finally, we will show you how to take part and contribute to the development of the description of databases and standards within FAIRsharing through our Community Curation Programme (https://fairsharing.org/community_curation). 

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