28 Nov-1 Dec 2022 Paris (France)
Open Data Format in praxis: Metadata Profile and technical implementation in statistical software
Claudia Saalbach  1  , Xiaoyao Han  1@  
1 : DIW Berlin

Researchers in the social sciences use various software for statistical analysis of rectangular, structured data. The various data formats which are only partially compatible impede data exchange and reuse. In particular, proprietary data formats endanger those in the FAIR principles enshrined demand for interoperability. The open, metadata-enriched, non-proprietary data dissemination format (OpenDF) is a project of KonsortSWD, the NFDI consortium for the social, behavioural, educational and economic sciences. The project provides a non-proprietary Open Data Format enriched with multi-level metadata that is smoothly usable with popular statistical software. The project includes two main work aspects: first, the specification of the Open Data Format, including its metadata components, and second, its technical implementation for various statistical software packages.

This presentation will highlight the current phase of our work. First, we will present the specification of metadata profile for the Open Data Format, which is fully compatible with the DDI Codebook. In addition, based on this profile, we will demonstrate the technical import and export filters for specific statistical program.

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