28 Nov-1 Dec 2022 Paris (France)
Using DDI and Colectica to manage reference metadata in the European Statistical System
Jeremy Iverson  1@  
1 : Colectica

Reference metadata provides high level information about datasets, data collection, and methods. The European Statistical System (ESS) maintains several reporting standards that describe the information that European statistical agencies must report. These standards include the Single Integrated Metadata Structure (SIMS), Euro SDMX Metadata Structure (ESMS), and the ESS Standard Quality Report Structure (ESQRS).


DDI Lifecycle provides a metadata model to represent the information required by these reports. DDI Quality Standards can describe the structure of the reference metadata, and DDI Quality Statements hold the quality content for individual statistical products. Working with several European statistical agencies, Colectica created DDI Quality Standards and Concept Systems to represent the ESS reporting standards.


Colectica now offers web-based editors for managing both Quality Standards and Quality Statements. The Colectica quality tools offer review and approval workflows, rollover and pre-fill functionality, and standardized report outputs in SDMX, Excel, PDF, and HTML formats. This presentation will include a demonstration of the new tools. We will also discuss how the tools can be configured and extended to record extra quality information, beyond what Eurostat requires.

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