28 Nov-1 Dec 2022 Paris (France)
Bulk FAIR assessment of the CESSDA Data Catalogue using the F-UJI API
John Shepherdson  1@  , Kostas Papagiannopoulos  2  , Joshua Tetteh Ocansey  3  
1 : Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives
2 : EKKE
3 : Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

The F-UJI automated FAIR data assessment tool comes in two formats: the well known online version and a self-hosted version. This presentation focuses on the self-hosted version and explains how the F-UJI tool has been deployed and integrated into a DDI metadata validation pipeline and used to periodically assess, report on and drive improvements to the FAIRness of the 42,000 plus entries in the CESSDA Data Catalogue (CDC).

The online version only requires that a PID or URL be entered. The self-hosted version requires a degree of technical knowledge to deploy and run, but is by far the most practical solution for the bulk assessment of large collections of objects. 

The basic steps were as follows: download and deploy the containerised F-UJI API; create a helper application to call the API against each record in CDC in turn; store and index the FAIR assessments; create a dashboard and use it to display the results at various levels of detail.

Some changes were required to the CDC display format so that F-UJI could find certain attributes. The dashboard is a means of providing feedback so changes can be made as required to improve the FAIRness of the study data records. 


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