28 Nov-1 Dec 2022 Paris (France)
In Search of Standardised Scales
Becky Oldroyd  1@  , Le Phuong Mai Pham  1  , Hayley Mills  1  , Jon Johnson  1  
1 : CLOSER, UCL Social Research Institute

Standardised scales (also known as summated scales or validated questionnaires) are a group of related questions that measure an underlying concept (e.g., wellbeing, relationship satisfaction, self-esteem). These scales are frequently used in quantitative research because they allow researchers to reliably measure the same concept across samples and over time. Metadata for standardised scales (e.g., title, author, questions) can be difficult to obtain as information is often scattered across multiple sources, and permission is sometimes required to access the scale. Some scales have multiple variants (i.e., versions which include a smaller subset of questions), and information about the original scale may be hard to locate. It is also challenging to find information about where these scales have been used in research studies.

CLOSER aims to make this information more easily accessible to researchers by adding standardised scale metadata to the DDI-compliant metadata platform CLOSER Discovery. The first step in this process included gathering metadata for several of the standardised scales used by the CLOSER studies and displaying these on the CLOSER Technical Wiki: https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/CLOS/Scales. This poster will highlight the importance of standardised scale metadata, the steps taken to create this metadata, and the progress made.

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