28 Nov-1 Dec 2022 Paris (France)
Question - How do we document validated questionnaires and their usage?
Hayley Mills  1@  , Jon Johnson  2  
1 : CLOSER, UCL Social Research Institute
2 : CLOSER, UCL Social Research Institute

Validated questionnaires (or standardised scales) are a set of question items designed to quantify one or more indirectly measured concepts. They are validated to ensure researchers can reliably measure the same concept across samples, and over time.

For intra- and inter-study comparison, it is valuable to know where and when validated questionnaires have been used and how. Metadata for this can be difficult to obtain as information is often distributed across multiple sources and little information is available about where the questions have been used.

CLOSER aims to make this information more easily accessible by adding validated questionnaires to CLOSER Discovery (discovery.closer.ac.uk), and moreover, link the question items to where they have been used. This presentation will set out how CLOSER intends to use DDI, to structure this metadata within CLOSER Discovery and the Colectica repository. It will detail the considerations and reasoning used to find a workable solution; however, we would value input on whether this is the optimal approach.

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